Healthcare Management Service Organization (MSO) Market

The Healthcare Management Service Organization (MSO) Market on Track for Substantial Expansion by 2027


Some of the key factors driving the market include the growing trend of consolidating smaller practices to achieve economies of scale and improve operational efficiency, an aging population and chronic diseases, growing demand for specialty care, increased investments by private equity firms, and rising technology adoption.

A Healthcare Management Service Organization (MSO) is a health-care company that provides administrative and management services to medical practices, healthcare practitioners, and ambulatory care facilities.

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Advantages Offered by MSOs Drives the Demand in Healthcare Management Service Organization (MSO) Market

A MSO is beneficial to a health system in numerous ways:

  • Improved Quality and Better Efficiency: Care management delivery is harmonized throughout the firm as a result of a shared governance framework. Population health reporting and analytics member identification, risk classification, attribution, care management delivery, and staffing are all simplified, which leads to performance improvement and greater usage.
  • Economies of Scale: MSOs encourage health systems to seek partnerships, grow membership, and reduce per-member-per-month (PMPM) administration costs through economies of scale.
  • Network Expansion: MSOs provide a competitive advantage to healthcare companies by relieving them of administrative and management duties. MSOs provide an incentive for health organizations wishing to grow their network.
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“……MSO ensures access to the lowest prices of medical supplies and services…MSOs aggregate volumes and hence are able to achieve economies of scale which in turn allows them to obtain preferred pricing on medical supplies, healthcare insurance, etc……” – CEO, Leading Healthcare MSO, U.S.

Venture of Next-Generation MSOs in Orthopedics – A Rising Trend in the Healthcare Management Service Organization (MSO) Market

Orthopedic physician practices frequently encounter issues such as high overhead expenses, declining reimbursements, rising regulatory requirements, and payer and administrative barriers. Orthopedic physician practices spend around 50% of their income on overheads. To address these problems, a new form of MSO has entered the market, offering orthopedic physician practices not just the tools they need to optimize business activities, but also the technical knowledge they require to flourish.

For example, in June 2022, a group of renowned independent orthopaedic and musculoskeletal (MSK) experts announced the establishment of MedVanta, the country’s largest physician-owned and run musculoskeletal management services business. MedVanta provides next-generation MSO strategies, people, processes, technology, and solutions to independent orthopaedic and MSK clinics seeking to change their business operations.

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Increasing Investments by Private Equity Firms Fuels the Venture of Next-Generation MSOs in Orthopedics

Citing the lucrative prospects of the market, several private equity companies have also invested in the Healthcare MSO Market.

  • For instance, in April 2023, TPG and AmerisourceBergen Corporation agreed to acquire OneOncology. OneOncology is one of the fastest-growing oncology MSO in the United States
  • In Feb 2021, Cimarron Healthcare Capital, a private equity firm focused on making investments in healthcare companies completed the acquisition of CareAccess MSO. CareAccess MSO partners with primary care physician groups in support of establishing and managing value-based risk contracts with Medicare Advantage plans

Competitive Landscape Analysis of the Venture of Next-Generation MSOs in Orthopedics

Some of the key players operating in the market include MedVanta, Envolve Health, OneOncology,  Vanguard Health Solutions, Neolytix , Argusmso, among others.

The Healthcare Management Service Organization (MSO) Market is expected to gain traction in the coming years as a result of a growing emphasis on value-based care, the entry of next-generation MSOs, a growing emphasis on improving patient experience, rising investments in patient engagement tools, and aggressive organic and inorganic growth strategies adopted by the players.

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