Global Digital Diabetes Management Market

Global Digital Diabetes Management Market: Forecasting Robust 20% Growth by 2026


Soaring diabetes cases, rising acceptance of cloud-based enterprise solutions for diabetes management, growing awareness of digital diabetes management solutions, and a growing number of digital tools & mobile apps for diabetes management are some of the primary factors driving the global digital diabetes management market.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that must be constantly managed. Diabetes patients who need to make lifestyle or pharmaceutical changes in response to glucose monitoring data might benefit from digital diabetes management systems. Clinical programs, services, and integrated technology are included in the digital diabetes management system to address people’s requirements across the continuum of care.

Demand is being fueled by technological advancements in digital diabetes management market

Digital health technology, particularly digital and health applications (‘apps’), is fast evolving to assist people in managing their diabetic condition. For instance,

  • In March 2022, Glooko Inc. acquired DIABNEXT to increase its diabetes offerings in France. DIABNEXT’s mobile app complements Glooko’s product portfolio and tracks diabetes data
  • In February 2022, Terumo Corporation entered into an agreement with Diabeloop. Under the agreement, both the companies will be integrating therapeutic artificial intelligence to automate the treatment of type 1 diabetes
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Growing Awareness Regarding Diabetes Self-Management Solutions Fuels the Digital Diabetes Management Market

Diabetes self-management encompasses diabetes education, healthy eating, physical exercise, medication, device use, monitoring, and adjusting behavior and drug dosages based on patient-generated data. Several players and governments from various nations are doing awareness campaigns/training to raise awareness. For instance,

  • Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) Certification
  • Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) services
  • World Diabetes Day (WDD) is the world’s largest diabetes awareness campaign

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Role of mHealth in Digital Diabetes Management Market Increases Demand

Diabetes is the most often addressed chronic clinical ailment by mHealth, followed by depression and asthma. Mobile health (mHealth) solutions have improved diabetes care and prevention and are expected to play a growing role as smartphone ownership and medical device developments increase. For instance,

  • In May 2021, F. Hoffmann-la Roche joined up with Ellerca Health to launch Accu-Chek + 360Care, integrating Roche’s Accu-Chek Guide blood glucose meter, customized home delivery of testing strips, and Ellerca’s self-management digital program, 360Care
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Key Constraints of the Digital Diabetes Management Market

Reimbursement difficulties in developing countries, high device costs, increased worries about data security, and a preference for traditional diabetes treatment over digital diabetes management Sare some of the constraints that are projected to impede market expansion include

North America is expected to maintain its dominant position in the digital diabetes management market

North America now controls a sizable portion of the worldwide digital diabetes management industry. North America is likely to maintain a significant position in the coming years, owing to the region’s rising diabetes incidence and increased use of technologically sophisticated devices.

Competitive Landscape Analysis of the Digital Diabetes Management Market

Some of the key players competing in the market include Medtronic Plc, Abbott, F.Hoffmann-LA Roche Ltd, Senseonics, and Insulet Corporation, among others.

Organic and inorganic growth strategies used by firms to get a foothold in the Digital Diabetes Management Market

Players in this market are employing organic and inorganic growth strategies such as collaborations, acquisitions, and new product launches to obtain market share. For instance,

  • In April 2022, Dexcom released Dexcom ONE Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. The Dexcom ONE system is an easy-to-use real-time CGM (rt-CGM) that more cheaper and accessible for people with diabetes in the UK
  • In April 2022, Abbott announced a collaboration with CamDiab and Ypsomed. The three businesses want to collaborate to develop and market an integrated automated insulin delivery (AID) system.
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