Dental CADCAM Market

Dental CAD/CAM Market Size and Industry Growth Analysis by 2027


Dental CAD/CAM Market Overview

The global dental CAD/CAM market is poised to experience strong growth, with projections indicating a high single-digit growth rate by the year 2027. Several factors are driving this growth, including the increasing prevalence of dental diseases, the rise in the edentulous population, advancements in AI-powered CAD/CAM systems, growing demand for dental cosmetic surgeries, the adoption of chairside CAD/CAM systems, and continual technological innovations in dental CAD/CAM systems and materials.

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CAD/CAM dentistry, a field encompassing computer-aided design and manufacturing technologies in dentistry, plays a pivotal role in designing and enhancing dental restorations. These technologies enable dentists and dental laboratories to provide patients with a wide array of dental prostheses, fixed dental prostheses, dental implant-supported restorations, dentures, and orthodontic appliances tailored to their individual needs.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the dental CAD/CAM market by streamlining the design and manufacturing processes of dental restorations. AI-powered CAD/CAM systems utilize advanced algorithms to analyze patients’ dental scans and generate precise digital models of their teeth, resulting in customized restorations that offer superior fit, comfort, and functionality. Key players are investing in innovative AI-based products to capitalize on the promising prospects of AI in dental CAD/CAM systems.

Notable examples include Planmeca’s introduction of new AI-based tools for its Planmeca Romexis software platform and Imagoworks’ launch of the AI-based web dental CAD 3Dme Crown module. These developments underscore the industry’s commitment to harnessing AI to enhance dental treatment outcomes.

Moreover, technological advancements continue to drive the evolution of the dental CAD/CAM market. Companies like Exocad and ZimVie are at the forefront of innovation, introducing cutting-edge software solutions and modules aimed at enhancing restorative design, implant planning, and overall workflow efficiency in digital dentistry.

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Dental CAD/CAM Market: Segment Analysis

The global dental CAD/CAM market is segmented based on product type, end-user, and region. This segmentation provides a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape and facilitates targeted strategies for stakeholders.

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By Product Type:


  • Dental CAD/CAM equipment includes scanning devices, milling machines, and other hardware used in the digital fabrication process.
  • The equipment segment is witnessing steady growth due to advancements in technology, leading to the development of more efficient and precise dental CAD/CAM systems.


  • Dental CAD/CAM software encompasses design and manufacturing software used to create digital models and fabricate dental restorations.
  • The demand for simple, feature-rich software solutions that improve workflow effectiveness and treatment outcomes is driving the rapid expansion of the software market.

By End-User:

Dental Hospitals:

  • Dental hospitals utilize CAD/CAM technology for various dental procedures, including prosthodontics, implantology, and orthodontics.
  • The increasing adoption of digital dentistry in hospital settings is fueling the growth of this segment.

Dental Laboratories:

  • Dental laboratories play a crucial role in the fabrication of dental prostheses and restorations using CAD/CAM technology.
  • The growing preference for digital workflows and the need for precise and customized dental solutions are driving the demand for CAD/CAM services in dental laboratories.

Other End-Users:

  • Other end-users include dental clinics, academic institutions, and research centers utilizing CAD/CAM technology for education, training, and research purposes.
  • This segment presents opportunities for market expansion as CAD/CAM technology becomes more accessible and integrated into dental practice.

CAD/CAM Market: Regional Analysis

North America:

  • North America holds a significant share of the dental CAD/CAM market, driven by technological advancements, high healthcare expenditures, and a strong presence of key market players.
  • The region is characterized by a growing demand for cosmetic dentistry and a proactive approach towards adopting digital dental technologies.


  • Europe is a prominent market for dental CAD/CAM, supported by favorable reimbursement policies, increasing dental tourism, and a well-established healthcare infrastructure.
  • Countries like Germany and the UK are at the forefront of technological innovation in digital dentistry, contributing to market growth.

Asia Pacific:

  • The Asia-Pacific region is witnessing rapid growth in the dental CAD/CAM market, fueled by rising disposable incomes, expanding dental tourism, and a growing awareness of oral healthcare.
  • Countries such as China, India, and Japan are experiencing significant investments in healthcare infrastructure and technology, driving market expansion.
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Rest of the World:

  • The Rest of the World segment comprises Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa, where increasing healthcare expenditure and improving access to dental care are driving market growth.
  • Emerging economies in these regions offer lucrative opportunities for market players seeking to expand their presence globally.

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Dental CAD/CAM Market: Competitive Analysis

The competitive landscape of the dental CAD/CAM market features key players such as Align Technology, Dentsply Sirona, Planmeca, Institut Straumann, 3Shape, and others. These companies are employing both organic and inorganic growth strategies, including product launches and strategic collaborations, to consolidate their market presence and meet the evolving demands of dental professionals worldwide.

Dental CADCAM Market Key Players

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Looking ahead, the dental CAD/CAM market is poised for further growth, driven by the advantages offered by CAD/CAM-based dental restorations, the proliferation of dental service organizations, increasing affluence and awareness in emerging economies, and aggressive growth strategies adopted by industry players.

The dental CAD/CAM market is characterized by the presence of several prominent players, each contributing to the industry’s growth through innovation, strategic partnerships, and market expansion initiatives. Here are some of the key players operating in the market:

Align Technology:

  • Align Technology is a global leader in clear aligner therapy and digital dentistry solutions.
  • Dental professionals frequently use the company’s Invisalign system and iTero intraoral scanners for digital impressions and orthodontic treatment planning.
  • Align Technology continues to invest in research and development to enhance its CAD/CAM technology offerings and expand its market reach.

Dentsply Sirona:

  • Dentsply Sirona is a leading manufacturer of dental equipment and supplies, including CAD/CAM systems, imaging solutions, and dental consumables.
  • The company’s CEREC system is one of the most widely used CAD/CAM solutions in dentistry, offering chairside restorative solutions for dental practices.
  • Dentsply Sirona focuses on product innovation, strategic acquisitions, and partnerships to maintain its competitive edge in the market.
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  • Planmeca is a Finnish dental equipment manufacturer known for its comprehensive range of dental imaging and CAD/CAM solutions.
  • The company’s Planmeca Romexis software platform offers advanced tools for dental imaging, diagnosis, and treatment planning, catering to various dental specialties.
  • Planmeca emphasizes innovation and customer satisfaction, with a focus on developing user-friendly and technologically advanced dental products.

Institut Straumann:

  • Institut Straumann is a leading provider of dental implant solutions, including CAD/CAM-based restorative components and digital dentistry solutions.
  • The company’s CARES Digital Solutions platform offers a range of CAD/CAM services and software solutions for dental laboratories and practices.
  • Institut Straumann leverages its strong brand reputation, global presence, and commitment to quality to maintain its position as a key player in the dental CAD/CAM market.


  • 3Shape is a Danish company specializing in 3D scanning and CAD/CAM software solutions for dental professionals.
  • The company’s TRIOS intraoral scanners and Dental System software are widely used for digital impression-taking and restorative design.
  • 3Shape focuses on innovation and collaboration, regularly introducing new features and integrations to enhance its CAD/CAM ecosystem.

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Key Points Covered in the Dental CAD/CAM Market:

  1. Market Growth Drivers: Highlight the key factors driving the growth of the dental CAD/CAM market, including the rising prevalence of dental diseases, advancements in technology, and increasing demand for cosmetic dental procedures.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration: Discuss the role of AI-powered CAD/CAM systems in revolutionizing dental treatment, emphasizing benefits such as precision, efficiency, and enhanced patient outcomes.
  3. Technological Advancements: Showcase recent innovations in dental CAD/CAM technology, citing examples such as software updates and new product launches from industry leaders.
  4. Competitive Landscape: Provide an overview of key players in the dental CAD/CAM market and their strategies for market expansion, including organic growth initiatives and strategic partnerships.
  5. Future Outlook: Offer insights into the future trajectory of the dental CAD/CAM market, highlighting factors expected to drive continued growth and innovation.

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