Global Clinical Trials Manufacturing and Supply Outsourcing Market

Global Clinical Trials Manufacturing and Supply Outsourcing Market Size, Share, and Analysis Report 2027: Enhancing Clinical Trials and Research Objectives


The clinical trials manufacturing and supply outsourcing market has grown significantly as a result of several factors such as increased clinical trial activity, increased demand for biopharmaceuticals and customized medicine, and altering regulatory requirements.

Clinical trials are research studies that are undertaken in humans to assess the safety and efficacy of medical treatments, interventions, or therapies. These studies are critical for furthering medical understanding and improving patient care. Clinical trial materials and supplies are the numerous items, materials, and equipment utilized in the clinical trial procedure. These trials necessitate a wide range of materials and supplies to guarantee that the study is carried out properly, safely, and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

A Multifaceted View on the Emerging Landscape of Clinical Trial Supplies

The global clinical trial supplies market is shaped by a variety of variables, including technological advancement, globalization of clinical trials, and the general expansion of the biopharmaceutical sector. These elements have a significant impact on the worldwide market’s dynamics. The increasing amount of clinical trial operations demands a growing need for clinical trial supplies, which include experimental medications, laboratory equipment and devices, and patient recruiting services, as a result of the rapid expansion of pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.

For instance,

  • In September 2023, Parexel, a leading worldwide clinical research organization (CRO) devoted to enhancing patient health through the discovery and delivery of novel therapeutics, announced the opening of a new clinical trial supply and logistics facility in Suzhou, China. This strategically located facility provides both local and international biopharmaceutical companies conducting clinical trials in the area with immediate access to the supplies and experimental therapies needed for distribution to clinical sites and patients worldwide.
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The rise in biotechnology has given growth to biopharmaceutical-related clinical trials, creating fresh opportunities in the global market as biotech firms need specialized clinical trial supplies tailored for biologics and cell therapies. Moreover, the advent of patient-centric trials, which focus on enhancing the patient experience and engagement, has engendered the need for innovative supply solutions, including home-based trials, remote monitoring, and direct-to-patient supply deliveries. Additionally, there is a growing emphasis on customization and personalization of clinical trial supplies, particularly for personalized medicine and precision therapies, necessitating bespoke supply solutions aligned with patient profiles. Technological advancements have brought about substantial improvements in the management of clinical trial supply chains through improved logistics, tracking capabilities, and temperature monitoring. Technologies such as RFID, IoT, and blockchain have been harnessed to augment transparency and efficiency.

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Clinical Trials Manufacturing and Supply Outsourcing Market: Critical to Drug Development Acceleration

The Global clinical trials manufacturing and supply outsourcing market refers to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry segment in which corporations outsource the production and delivery of investigational medications and related clinical trial supplies. This outsourcing allows pharmaceutical companies to focus on their main research and development operations while relying on specialized contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) and supply chain providers for clinical trial material manufacture and delivery.

  • In December 2020, UPM Pharmaceuticals revealed a collaboration with RedHill Biopharma Ltd., in which UPM will serve as a U.S. contract manufacturing partner for opaganib, an innovative Phase 3-stage drug candidate developed by RedHill for the treatment of COVID-19 pneumonia.
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Because of the increasing complexity of clinical trials, tight regulations, and the desire for cost-effective and efficient supply chain solutions, the clinical trials manufacturing and supply outsourcing industry has been rising steadily. Many factors drive clinical trial manufacturing and supply outsourcing, including cost reductions, access to specialized knowledge, shorter time-to-market, and the capacity to scale production as needed. Evolving rules, as well as the need to fulfill strict quality standards, drive the demand for materials and supplies that meet regulatory criteria.

North America has the largest market share in the Clinical Trials Manufacturing and Supply Outsourcing Market.

North America has long been a clinical trial centre, with the United States being a significant and important player in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. This region continues to witness a high amount of clinical trials, fueling demand for manufacturing and supply outsourcing services.

The clinical trials manufacturing and supply outsourcing industry in the Asia Pacific area has been rapidly expanding. A large patient pool, lower operational costs, and improved regulatory conditions have all contributed to this fast rise. China and India have emerged as major participants in the worldwide clinical trials manufacturing and supply outsourcing industry.

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Clinical Trials Manufacturing and Supply Outsourcing Market

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Catalent, Parexel, Almac Group Limited, Patheon, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Klifo, Movianto, Eurofins Scientific Clinigen, Spaulding Clinical, Singota, Symeres, and Ardena are among the top competitors in the global clinical trials manufacturing and supply outsourcing market.

Organic and Inorganic Growth Strategies Employed by the Prominent Industry Players to Establish Their Foothold in the Clinical Trials Manufacturing and Supply Outsourcing Market

To get a bigger market share, leading competitors in this worldwide market are using aggressive growth strategies such as capacity expansion, collaborations, partnerships, and acquisitions. For instance,

  • In April 2023, Catalent revealed its initiation of a $20 million expansion endeavour at its clinical supply facility located in Schorndorf, Germany. This undertaking aims to increase the facility’s capacity for the storage and management of clinical trial supply materials within a temperature range of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius by adding an additional 3,000 square meters of space. Additionally, it will create a room within the existing structure for the installation of a state-of-the-art, fully automated bottle-filling line and a specialized area dedicated to Catalent’s FastChain® demand-driven supply service.

The global clinical trials manufacturing and supply outsourcing market will continue to gain consistent momentum in the years to come as pharmaceutical companies seek to streamline their operations and reduce costs, as digital technologies for supply chain management become more widely adopted, and as global market players pursue aggressive organic and inorganic growth strategies.

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