Global Enteral Devices Market

Global Enteral Devices Market Surges with a 6% Growth Projection by 2026 — Embracing Enteral Nutrition Solutions


Rising occurrence of chronic diseases, rising demand for enteral feeding devices in-home care settings, increasing adoption of enteral nutrition, rising geriatric population, an increasing number of preterm births, shift from parenteral to enteral nutrition, and growing awareness regarding enteral nutrition are some of the key factors driving the global enteral feeding devices market.

Nutrition is critical for overall health as well as the prevention and management of a number of disorders. The administration of nutrients directly into the digestive tract via a feeding tube is known as enteral feeding.

Enteral feeding devices are utilized in individuals who have a functional and accessible GI tract but are unable to intake or absorb enough foods to maintain appropriate nutrition and hydration. For many people, enteral nutrition assistance is a lifesaving tool for preventing or treating nutritional deficiency, which can cause tissue disintegration, reduced immune function, and poor wound healing. The most common forms of enteral feeding devices on the market are the nasogastric tube (NGT), the orogastric tube (OGT), the gastrostomy tube, the jejunostomy tube, the nasoenteric tube, and the oroenteric tube.

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Enteral Feeding Devices Market is being fueled by a shift away from parenteral nutrition and toward enteral nutrition

In general, medical professionals prefer enteral feeding to parenteral feeding. This is because enteral nourishment is less expensive, gentler on the body, and has less difficulties. It provides a safe and effective alternative for persons suffering from sickness or accident to preserve energy and aid recovery. Additionally, feeding tubes are less difficult to clean and sanitize than IVs, catheters, or ports.

Growing popularity of home enteral nutrition (HEN) is fueling the demand

HEN is appropriate for a wide variety of people with a wide range of ailments and circumstances. Enteral nutrition therapy begins during a hospital stay and is continued at home as a long-term therapy. Because of rising hospital costs, HEN is seen as a critical cost-effective and safe treatment for patients who require ongoing nutritional care after discharge. As a result, growing use of HEN in-home care is projected to drive demand for enteral feeding devices in the Coming years.

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Key Market Challenges: Enteral Feeding Devices Market

Enteral Feeding Devices Market Reimbursement concerns and difficulties connected with enteral feeding tubes are some of the primary factors that are expected to impede the growth of the enteral feeding devices market. Skin irritation, aspiration, refeeding syndrome, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, tube obstruction, and tube dislodging are among issues connected with enteral feeding systems.

North America is projected to maintain its dominant position in the enteral feeding device market

North America now controls a sizable portion of the worldwide enteral feeding device industry. It is likely to maintain a significant position in the coming years, owing to the rising prevalence of chronic illnesses, an aging population, the adoption of technologically sophisticated products, and increased knowledge of enteral nutrition in the area.

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Enteral Feeding Devices Market

Some of the key players operating in the enteral feeding devices market are Danone, B. Braun Melsungen AG, Cook Medical, Conmed Corporation, BD, Abbott Laboratories, Vygon SA, among others.

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Organic and inorganic growth strategies used by firms to get a market foothold

To gain market share, players in this market are implementing organic and inorganic growth methods such as partnerships, acquisitions, and new product releases. As an example,

  • In March 2022, Macatt Medica, a distribution firm based in Lima, Peru, has been acquired by Vygon SA. The bulk of Vygon’s goods, including a wide range of enteral nutrition products, are distributed in Peru by the firm.
  • In February 2022, Alcor Scientific announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with health care investor Water Street Healthcare Partners where Water Street will invest capital in Alcor’s expansion.

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