Blood Collection Devices Market

Global Blood Collection Devices Market to surge a robust CAGR of 7% by 2026


Rising trauma and accident cases, increased surgical operations internationally, fast development in infectious illnesses, government blood donation campaigns, and rising acceptance of liquid biopsy tests are some of the main drivers driving the global blood collecting devices market.

Blood collection or removal of blood can be accomplished in a variety of methods, including arterial sampling, venipuncture, and fingerstick sample. Blood and other biological samples must be gathered in order to properly understand, prevent, and cure illnesses. Additionally, blood is obtained from donors via the blood donation process, which is then divided into different components of blood as needed during transfusion operations.

New Product Developments to Increase Market Adoption of Blood Collection Devices

Continuous advancements in blood collection technologies have allowed for the creation of effective solutions that include artificial intelligence (AI), ultrasound-guided 3D reconstruction, ease-of-use at-home collection, and large-volume safe blood collection, among other things. The following are some of the new product developments:

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· In May 2022, Vitestro launched its advanced autonomous venipuncture blood collection device that combines artificial intelligence (AI) with robotic needle insertion and ultrasound-guided 3D reconstruction, ensuring safe and precise blood collection.

· In May 2022, Labcorp launched at-home collection device from Weavr Health, a diagnostics company, through Labcorp OnDemand that measures HbA1c from a small blood sample for diabetes risk testing.

· In April 2022, Owen Mumford Ltd launched a portfolio of three venous blood collection devices under its Unistik brand. These three devices, namely, Unistik ShieldLock, Unistik ShieldLock Ultra, and Unistik VacuFlip are designed to draw large volumes of blood safely, minimizing the risk of needlestick injury (NSI).

· In February 2022, Streck launched RNA Complete BCT, a new blood collection tube that maintains draw time cell-free RNA concentration for up to seven days when stored at room temperature providing a convenient method for sample collection, storage, and transport.

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Blood Collection Devices Market Growth Will Be Fueled by Investments and Collaborations

Blood collection device market participants are continually focused on investments and cooperation to improve innovative blood collecting technologies. Manufacturers benefit from such improvements by gaining a competitive advantage. The following are some recent developments:

· In May 2022, Becton, Dickinson and Company extended its collaboration with Babson Diagnostics to continue research and development of blood collection devices that are less-invasive, more convenient, and enable self-collection.

· In December 2021, Tasso has secured a funding of $100 million to scale-up the production and commercialization of its simplified ‘OnDemand’ blood collection devices. Tasso’s OnDemand devices take blood from skin through capillaries using push-button hardware that is attached to the upper arm.

· In May 2019, Velano Vascular has secured an investment of $10 million from Intermountain Healthcare to fuel the commercialization of its vascular access solutions including a needle-free blood collection device.

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Blood Collection Devices Market

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The global blood collection devices market is marked by the presence of major market players such as Becton, Dickinson and Company (US); Terumo BCT (US); Haemonetics Corporation (US); Grifols, S.A. (Spain); Fresenius Kabi AG (Germany); and others.

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