The iPhone 15 could be delayed and may arrive in October

iPhone 15 could be delayed and may arrive in October


A researcher who was correct regarding the delay for the iPhone 12 in 2020 made the prediction.

The latest iPhone 15 could arrive a bit later than we expected this year.

Although Apple typically chooses September as the month for the launch and sale of its cell phones this year, there may be an unintentional delay.

This forecast is based on Wamsi Mohan, an analyst at Bank of America (BoA).

The iPhone 12 would only go on sale in October of that same year due in part to problems in the production chain because of COVID-19.

iPhone 15: Will it be delayed?

In an article for investors that was published in the publication that is specifically for investors, Barron’s It is predicted that Apple’s shares will not be able to show a significant improvement because of the slowing of cellphone sales.

Based on Wamsi Mohan reports, channel checks indicate that the iPhone 15 could launch a week later than originally planned and delay the announcement of the new generation for the quarter’s earnings until December.

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We are discussing the forecast of a well-known analyst; however, we are still several months from the release of the next iPhone 15, which is creating a lot of excitement, especially because of the use of USB-C as a connector.

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