Meta announces a subscription to use Facebook and Instagram without ads in Europe

Meta announces a subscription to use Facebook and Instagram without ads in Europe


Users will be able to continue using Facebook and Instagram without paying.

Do you want an ad-free experience on social media? It’s going to cost you.

Meta announced that it will offer users in the European Union the ability to pay a monthly subscription on Facebook and Instagram for an ad-free experience.

The new subscription comes as a response to new regulations from the European Union.

“In November, we will be offering people who use Facebook and Instagram and reside in these regions the option to continue using these personalized services for free with ads or subscribe to stop seeing them (the ads). As long as people subscribe, their information will not be used for advertisements,” explains a statement from Meta.

Facebook and Instagram under subscription: How much will it cost?
The subscription will apply to all Facebook and Instagram accounts connected in the user’s Account Center.

The price of the subscription will depend on where the purchase is made. If done through the web, it will cost 9.99 euros ($10.60) per month or 12.99 euros ($13.79) per month if done through the apps on iOS or Android.

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Starting March 1, 2024, Meta will begin charging for each extra account associated in the Account Center: 6 euros ($6.37) per month via the web or 8 euros ($8.50) for the apps.

“If you choose to continue using our free products, your experience will be the same with the tools and settings we have created to empower the user regarding their experience with ads,” says Meta.

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