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Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO Market Projected to Reach $5 Billion by 2025


The global Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO market is on an unprecedented growth trajectory, projected to witness a staggering Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 25%, with estimates suggesting it will reach a monumental $5 billion by 2025. This surge is primarily attributed to the escalating burden of cancer and other targeted diseases, the burgeoning research in cell and gene therapies, robust pipelines, substantial venture capitalist funding, and relentless technological innovations.

The landmark development and approval of CAR-T cell therapies such as Kymriah and Yescarta, which have demonstrated remarkable success in combating hematological malignancies, have further spurred investments in the Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) sector. The robust CGT pipeline, coupled with growing support from major pharmaceutical and biotech players, has catalyzed investor enthusiasm, with approximately $20 billion raised in 2020 alone. Regulatory bodies anticipate approving 10-20 cell and gene therapies annually by 2025, with a significant portion already in Phase 3 clinical trials.

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Key industry trends indicate a growing demand for full-service Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) that offer integrated services encompassing development, manufacturing, and testing. This demand stems from both smaller biotech entities and major pharmaceutical companies seeking to streamline processes and accelerate timelines, thereby optimizing resources for innovation and marketing endeavors.

“There is a growing demand for Cell and Gene Therapy CDMOs who can offer integrated development, manufacturing, and testing services. Outsourcing manufacturing and testing operations to capable CDMOs can reduce development timelines, provide supplementary capacity, and ultimately control costs,” stated a Senior Director at a Tier 1 CGT CDMO based in the United States.

The industry has also witnessed a surge in long-term strategic collaborations between manufacturers/innovators and CDMOs, manifested through joint ventures, manufacturing agreements, licensing agreements, and service alliances. Recent mergers and acquisitions reflect the escalating interest in the CGT market, with notable transactions including Astellas’ acquisition of Audentes Therapeutics for $3 billion and Roche’s acquisition of Spark Therapeutics for $4.8 billion.

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Moreover, the substantial outsourcing in the CGT industry, exceeding 60%, underscores the critical role of CDMOs in bridging the gap between demand and internal capabilities. With over 150 CMOs possessing CGT capabilities, there exists significant growth potential for CDMOs equipped to meet the evolving demands of this dynamic sector.

North America emerges as the largest and fastest-growing region in the CGT CDMO market, fueled by factors such as expanding manufacturing capacity, favorable regulatory frameworks, and a robust product pipeline. The U.S. FDA’s progressive approach, including designations such as orphan drug status, breakthrough designation, accelerated approvals, and regenerative medicine advanced therapy (RMAT) designations, further augments the region’s appeal for innovators.

In this dynamic landscape, Medi-Tech Insights stands poised to capitalize on the exponential growth of the Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO market. As a leading player in the industry, Medi-Tech Insights is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower clients to navigate the complexities of CGT development and manufacturing seamlessly.

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