Global Laser Hair Removal Market

Global Laser Hair Removal Market Prepares for Prosperous Growth: Aiming for 17-19% Growth by 2028


The growing demand for aesthetic procedures, long-term hair reduction solutions, growing knowledge of the efficacy and safety of laser hair removal procedures, and technological enhancements related to these procedures are the main growth factors for laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic surgery that eliminates unwanted hair by using focused light beams. The pigment (melanin) in the hair follicles absorbs light that the laser emits. Future hair development is either prevented or delayed by the heat produced by the absorption of light, which destroys the hair follicles. There are several techniques used in laser hair removal, including:

  • Diode Laser:- This type of laser is commonly utilized for laser hair removal. It is effective for a broad range of skin tones and hair colors
  • Nd:YAG Laser:- Suitable for darker skin types, this laser has a longer wavelength, minimizing the risk of pigmentation changes
  • Alexandrite Laser: – Effective for light to olive skin tones, this laser has a shorter wavelength and is known for its speed and efficiency
  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light):- Although technically not a laser, IPL devices use broad-spectrum light to target melanin in hair follicles. It’s versatile but may not be as effective as some dedicated laser systems

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The laser hair removal market is being driven by transformative trends, including laser hair removal’s effect on aesthetic landscapes

There is a notable global upsurge in demand for non-invasive therapies aimed at improving outward appearance. Around the world, a lot of people look for non-invasive alternatives to address a range of cosmetic issues. For instance, those looking for long-lasting and efficient hair removal options are utilizing cutting-edge laser-based technology. Significantly driving this boom are continuous technical developments in the laser hair removal industry, which provide profitable prospects for businesses involved in this field. In particular, laser hair removal has emerged as a favoured choice for many, offering a convenient and effective alternative to traditional hair removal approaches such as waxing or shaving.

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The fact that non-invasive treatments have fewer adverse effects than invasive procedures is a major factor driving this trend. The precision and customization of laser hair removal treatments adds to their appeal by enabling people to target particular regions of unwanted hair without compromising the surrounding skin. With its focus on patient comfort, safety, and long-lasting results, laser hair removal is at the forefront of satisfying these needs. The market for laser hair removal is expected to increase steadily as long as technology keeps improving. It provides people with a dependable and alluring way to improve their outward look using innovative, non-invasive methods.

Advancements in Laser Hair Removal: Precision Targeting for Safer and More Effective Results

Older laser systems were less focused, which might have caused harm to the skin around them and limited their ability to work on certain kinds of skin and hair.  With recent developments in laser technology, hair follicles may now be more precisely targeted during laser hair removal operations. The utilization of certain wavelengths to target melanin specifically, dynamic cooling systems to protect the skin, sophisticated laser delivery systems to distribute energy with precision, and real-time monitoring to maximize treatment safety and effectiveness are some of these advancements. Together, these developments improve treatment accuracy and make laser hair removal safer and more successful for a wide variety of skin and hair types. For instance,

  • In September 2023, Sciton Inc. declared the extension of its mJOULE system, incorporating the choice to integrate the 1064 nm wavelength. This enhancement enables providers to diversify their treatment options, particularly enhancing their renowned vascular treatments, ClearV and ClearSilk. This enhancement brings improved functionality and versatility to the system, aiming to deliver unparalleled patient outcomes.
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Combining laser hair removal with other cosmetic treatments is one way that some clinics are taking a more holistic approach. This offers a more thorough treatment by enabling people to address several cosmetic issues in a single session. Improved overall appearance, cost and time savings, and the capacity to design individualized treatment programs based on patient requirements are among the advantages. The industry’s progress to satisfy the larger range of interests and expectations of people seeking cosmetic treatments is shown in the move toward combination therapy.

North America Accounts for the Largest Share of the Global Laser Hair Removal Market

North America consolidated its position as the market leader for laser hair removal worldwide. This leading role was motivated by the rising demand for hair removal procedures, the existence of trustworthy dermatological clinics, and the growing number of qualified professionals in the area. The market for laser hair removal in North America is significantly shaped by the existence of major industry players.

Over the course of the projection period, the Asia Pacific region is projected to rise  at the fastest rate. Numerous causes, including expanding populations and an increase in the occurence of skin conditions, especially in developing nations like China and India, are fueling this expected development.

During the predicted period, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa held a relatively smaller market share. However, significant traction is noted in the Brazilian industry, driven by an increasing emphasis on cosmetic operations and personal grooming. Brazil is seeing an increase in the demand for laser hair removal due to changing beauty standards and a growing middle class that has extra money to spend on long-term hair removal options.

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Competitive Landscape Analysis of the Laser hair removal market

Some of the key players operating in the market include Cynosure, Alma Lasers, Solta Medical, Sciton (U.S.), Cutera, Candela Corporation., Lumenis Be Ltd., Venus Concept, Syneron Medical Ltd. Merz Pharma (Germany), and SkinMD (U.S.) among others.

Organic and Inorganic Growth Strategies Adopted by Players to Establish Their Foothold in the Market

Players operating in this market are adopting both organic and inorganic growth strategies such as collaborations, and acquisitions to gain a larger market share. For instance,

  • In November 2019, Venus Concept Inc. disclosed the acquisition of a medical device license from Health Canada and a CE Mark from DEKRA Certification B.V. to market Venus Epileve. The device is designed for treating hirsutism, achieving permanent hair reduction, and addressing pseudofolliculitis barbae in Europe, as well as in Canada.

The market for laser hair removal is still developing as a result of companies’ aggressive organic and inorganic expansion strategies, expanding use of laser hair removal operations, growing emphasis on individualized grooming, and technical advancements.

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