ICICI Group’s Strong Investment Portfolio

ICICI Group’s Strong Investment Portfolio: An In-Depth Analysis


Diverse sectoral investments

ICICI Group’s extensive portfolio showcases its strategic investments across various sectors, ensuring a balanced risk and return profile. Here, we delve deeper into some of the key sectors and the prominent companies within ICICI Group’s holdings.

Financial Services

ICICI Lombard (₹42,744 Cr, 57% return): The strong performance of ICICI Lombard, one of India’s leading general insurance companies, is critical to the ICICI Group’s portfolio. Rising awareness about insurance needs and increasing penetration rates are driving the growth of the insurance sector in India.

ICICI Bank (₹26,545 Cr, 24% return): The backbone of the ICICI Group, ICICI Bank continues to be a major revenue generator. The bank’s extensive network and diversified financial services have contributed significantly to its steady growth and returns.

ICICI Securities (₹20,104 Cr, 76% return): The high return from ICICI Securities highlights the growing importance of financial advisory and brokerage services in India. As the Indian economy expands, so does the need for sophisticated financial services, making this a valuable asset in ICICI’s portfolio.

HDFC Bank (₹15,930 Cr, -11% return): Despite a slight decline in returns, HDFC Bank remains a key player in ICICI’s holdings. The decline is temporary, with expectations of a rebound as economic conditions stabilize.

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Airtel (₹16,148 Cr, 50% return): Bharti Airtel’s significant return reflects the rapid growth in the telecommunications sector, driven by increasing smartphone penetration and data consumption. Airtel’s innovative offerings and extensive network make it a strong performer in ICICI’s portfolio.

Technology and IT

Infosys (₹24,772 Cr, 10% return): Infosys is a flagship company in India’s IT sector, and its steady performance is indicative of the sector’s resilience and growth potential. With ongoing digital transformation across industries, Infosys is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities.


NTPC (₹14,453 Cr, 95% return): NTPC’s remarkable return highlights the strategic importance of energy infrastructure in India. As the country moves towards greater energy security and sustainability, NTPC’s role in providing reliable power is crucial.

Consumers and industrialists

UltraTech Cement (₹4,792 Cr, 38% return): The construction and materials sector, represented by UltraTech Cement, shows solid returns, driven by infrastructure development and urbanization in India.

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) (₹5,608 Cr, 66% return): L&T’s strong performance underscores ICICI’s investment in industrial and engineering services, which are pivotal for India’s development projects.

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TVS Motor (₹7,912 Cr, 97% return): TVS Motor’s outstanding performance reflects the robust growth in India’s two-wheeler market, driven by rising incomes and increasing demand for mobility solutions.

Maruti Suzuki (₹12,886 Cr, 33% return): As a leader in India’s automobile sector, Maruti Suzuki continues to deliver solid returns. The company’s focus on innovation and market expansion drives its steady performance.


Sun Pharma (₹12,675 Cr, 64% return): The pharmaceutical sector, represented by Sun Pharma, has shown substantial returns, reflecting the growing demand for healthcare and medicinal products in India and globally.


IndiGo (₹4,190 Cr, 73% return): IndiGo’s significant return underscores the rapid growth in the aviation sector, driven by increasing air travel demand and expanding routes.


DMart (₹3,946 crore, 10% return): Avenue Supermarts, known for its DMart retail chain, reflects the growing consumer retail market in India. The organized retail sector is expanding, driven by rising consumer spending and urbanization.


Axis Bank (₹8,874 Cr, 67% return): Axis Bank’s performance is indicative of the broader banking sector’s growth potential as it continues to expand its customer base and service offerings.

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Kotak Mahindra Bank (₹5,340 Cr, -1% return): While the return is slightly negative, Kotak Mahindra Bank remains a significant holding, expected to rebound with strategic initiatives and market recovery.

Infrastructure and construction

ONGC (₹8,908 Cr, 73% return): Oil and Natural Gas Corporation’s strong return highlights the importance of energy exploration and production in ICICI’s portfolio. Growing energy demand and strategic exploration investments propel the sector’s growth.

NTPC (₹14,453 Cr, 95% return): As mentioned, NTPC’s high return underscores its crucial role in India’s power sector, supporting the country’s energy needs and development goals.


ICICI Group’s portfolio is a testament to its strategic investment approach, balancing high-growth sectors with stable, long-term investments. The diverse holdings across financial services, telecommunications, technology, energy, consumer goods, and industrials ensure a resilient and robust portfolio capable of withstanding market fluctuations.

The data, as of December 2023, showcases ICICI Group’s effective management and foresight in creating a portfolio that not only drives substantial returns but also positions the group as a leader in the Indian investment landscape.

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