Global Endoscope Reprocessing Market

Global Endoscope Reprocessing Market Forecasts a Remarkable 10% Growth Rate by 2027


Increasing procedures related to the gastrointestinal, respiratory, ear, urinary tract, and female reproductive tract. Additionally, there is an increasing preference for minimally invasive surgeries, a growing reliance on endoscopy for diagnosing and treating various conditions, a heightened risk of infections from contaminated endoscopes, advancements in reprocessing technology for endoscopes, Larger investments by hospitals in endoscopy facilities, and the introduction and enforcement of reprocessing guidelines for endoscopy units by healthcare authorities are some of the key factors driving the global endoscope reprocessing market.

Endoscope reprocessing is regarded as very Important for infection prevention. Precleaning, cleaning, washing, disinfection, rinsing, drying, and storing are common procedures in endoscope reprocessing.

However, a lack of skilled specialists and a rising desire for single-use endoscopes are two challenges that might stymie industry expansion.

Endoscope Reprocessing Market Revitalisation After Covid-19

Covid-19 had a negative influence on global health services, including the endoscope reprocessing sector. Covid-19 has a direct impact on specialties like gastroenterology. The pandemic had a negative influence on endoscopists’ workflow and safety, as well as those of auxiliary personnel and patients. Personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages, reduced patient throughput, a lack of testing kits, workforce furloughs, and lockdowns pushed units to substantially cut procedure volume, postpone, and even cancel GI operations in medium- to low-risk patients. Endoscope reprocessing income fell as the number of endoscopy operations decreased.

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However, the endoscope reprocessing industry has been recovering since 2021. The market has been driven by increased sales of gastroscopes and colonoscopes, the launch of new devices, and an increase in the number of GI, respiratory, ear, urinary system, and female reproductive tract procedures.

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“Due to growing penetration of endoscopes across hospitals globally, the demand for scope reprocessing is rising as it plays a critical role in the fight against health care acquired infections (HCAI) and contributes to a more sustainable health care.” — Senior Director, Leading Automated Endoscope Reprocessor (AER) Manufacturer, United States

Global Endoscope Reprocessing Market is Fueled by Technological Advancements

Endoscope reprocessing is a technology-driven business with ongoing product enhancements/innovations. For example,

  • In June, 2022, Getinge launched an updated version of the ED-Flow automated endoscope reprocessor. The new features provide a greater degree of digital connectivity and data management which in turn is expected to result in improved uptime and increased productivity
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The United States holds the biggest global endoscope reprocessing market share

The United States now controls a major chunk of the global endoscope reprocessing market. The growing number of endoscopic examinations, high prevalence of hospital-acquired infections, aging population, favorable reimbursement climate for endoscopy procedures, growth in minimally invasive endoscopic therapy procedures, rising concerns about cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization, and higher quality expectations all contribute to the market’s size in North America.

Competetive Landscape Analysis : Global Endoscope Reprocessing Market

The market is marked by the presence of companies such as STERIS/Cantel Medical, Wassenburg Medical, Getinge, Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP), Olympus, CONMED, Ecolab, among others.

Aggressive Growth Strategies Adopted by Players to Establish Their Foothold in the Global Endoscope Reprocessing Market

The Global endoscope reprocessing market is characterized by the presence of both established and emerging companies. To gain market share, industry participants use both organic and inorganic growth techniques such as new product launches and alliances. For instance,

  • In January 2021, STERIS entered into a definitive agreement to buy Cantel. The acquisition of Cantel complements STERIS’s product and service portfolio focused on infection prevention
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Growing cases of gastrointestinal (GI), respiratory, ear, urinary tract, and female reproductive tract procedures, technological advancements in endoscope reprocessing products, and increasing demand for prevention of infections during endoscopic examinations are all projected to drive the global endoscope reprocessing market in the years to come.

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